Bud Baechler
mediawërks - Founder

While owner of mediawërks I had the very good fortune of hiring Corey Scholl to join our team as graphic designer/artist. For the full term of his several years of service Corey not only delivered the highest quality of creative work, always on time, but he did so in a most personable manner.

Although soft spoken and always polite, Corey never failed to speak up regarding the best interests of the customer and our company. Unlike many creative designers, Corey clearly understood the critical difference between fine art and commercial art, always guiding projects to serve a measurable, commercial purpose and to finish on-time and on-budget. Always arriving early and frequently the last to leave, Corey would often add Saturday and Sunday to his work week, despite several reminders that he needed to take time off. He was also pretty skimpy on taking vacation days.

Perfectly honest and honorable, always reliable and dependable, always doing top-notch work, Corey is a person who adds to positive team dynamics and a cheerful work environment. He sees the “can do” and has no fear of tackling big challenges. He never disappoints. If given the chance, I would hire him again in an instant and suggest that you consider doing the same.

Stephen T. Bowen
PlastiComp - President & CEO

I am writing a letter of recommendation regarding Corey Scholl. I have worked with Corey over the last 10 years, or so, while he was employed at mediawerks and now, while he is employed by Itechra. Both of the excellent companies have provided services to my company – PlastiComp in recent years, and also Ticona Celstan during the ’90’s. We have worked together on many projects, all having a common points of corporate image, graphic design, and advertising message.

Corey is currently the primary individual source for our www.plasticomp.com website. Please take a look at the result and see his work represented at this site. Corey is a good professional and also just a good guy.

Steve Blue
Miller Felpax - President & CEO

I am please to write a letter of recommendation for Corey Scholl. Corey provided services to Miller Felpax Corporation from 2000 to 2009. He provided us with a wide range of creative services including: branding, marketing materials, web site design, trade show resources and video production. He was instrumental in, not only designing but updating and maintaining our website while employed at mediawërks and Itechra.

Corey assisted Miller Felpax Corporation in the development of eight television commercials aimed to bring more awareness to the community. These commercials were produced with the highest level of integrity and creativity. Corey is an intelligent and motivated individual. Everything he worked on with us was at the highest quality. Many times we had short deadlines we needed to meet and Corey never missed one of them. He has been great to work with and I would recommend this expertise to anyone!


Nicole Chamberlain-Dupree
Minnesota Marine Art Museum - Executive Director

Krist Beseler
VFW Post 10406 - Commander

Gary Jepsen
American Legion Post 224 - Commander

Joy Erickson
Security Plus Winona

Tina Anibus
Village of Nelson - Treasurer

Marilyn Bollinger
Hope United Church of Christ - Leadership Member

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