Creative Director/Owner
Corey Scholl Marketing & Design

Cochrane, WI
January 2009 - This is my current position.

Creative Director

Winona, MN
April 2006 - January 2009

Multimedia Designer

Winona, MN
March 2000 - April 2006

Graphic Designer
WinCraft, Incorporated

Publications Department
Winona, MN
April 1998 - March 2000

Over twenty-three years of experience working with a variety of businesses, including manufacturing, technology, higher education, not-for-profit and retail. Included are a few active and inactive customers with projects ranging from identity and branding, marketing materials, website design, trade show resources, multimedia design and video production.

Current & Past Customers
2006 - Present
Minnesota Marine Art Museum - Winona, MN

* Corporate and Informational Brochures
* Print and Newspaper Advertisements
* Media Planning
* Online Advertisements
* Website Maintenance
* Logo Enhancement

2013 - Present
VFW Post 10406 Cochrane, WI

* Website Design/ Programming and Maintenance
* Quarterly Newsletter Template
* Donation Cards
* Email and Letter Templates
* Online Videos

2013 - Present
American Legion Post 224 Alma, WI

* Website Design/ Programming and Maintenance
* Facebook Branding and Daily Posts
* Twitter Branding and Daily Posts

2000 - 2013
PlastiComp - Winona, MN

* Corporate and Informational Brochures
* Online Advertisements
* Website Design and Maintenance
* SEO Planning and Maintenance (Google AdWords)
* Multimedia Sales Presentations (English, French & German)
* Product Packaging Design
* Video Production

2008 - 2009
Miller Felpax - Winona, MN

* Website Maintenance
* 6 "Awareness" TV Commercials
* 2 "Message from the President" TV Commercials

2008 - 2009
Winona Flood Recovery - Winona, MN

* Website Design and Maintenance
* 2 "Awareness" TV Commercials
* Design: Brochures, Posters, Invite Mailings

2000 - 2003
Winona State University - Winona, MN

* WSU TV Commercial 2001
* Campaign: "Success is a Matter of Degree"
* Admission Campaign: "2001, 2002, 2003
* Interactive CD Roms
* Newspaper/Magazines Ads
* Radio Commercials
* TV Commercials
* Interactive CD/Direct Mail Packaging
* Email Campaign
* Soda Can Artwork (Label on soda can)

Adventure Cycle and Ski: Print Ads
American Legion Post 224: Website Design and Social Media Maintenance
Anytime Fitness: Print Ads
Arcadia Chrysler: Print Ads
Artisans: Website Design and Maintenance
Ace Communications: Billboard Ads - Newspaper Ads
Audio Designs: Print Ads
A&W: Print Ads
Back to Health: Print Ads
Badger Equipment: 1085D Video - Illustration Artwork
Bakers Shoes: Print Ads
Bobcat: Print Ads
Brone’s Bike Shop: Print Ads
Callista Court: Print Ads
Canamer: Website Design and Maintenance
Cars N Credit: Print Ads
Cedar Valley Golf: Print Ads
China King: Print Ads
Chrysler Winona: Print Ads
City of Winona: Print Ads
CodaBow International: Print Advertisements
Coffeemill Ski Resort: Print Ads
Composites Consortium: Interactive CD Rom - Also displayed in a Kiosk located at WSU
Cone Chiropractic: Print Ads
Cotter: Print Ads
CybrCollect: Website Design and Maintenance - Post Card Advertisement - Sale Sheets
Dahl Automotive: Print Ads
Dakota Allience Gathering: Print Ads
Dakota Area Community School: Print Ads
DepositExpress: Website Design and Maintenance - Post Card Advertisement - Sale Sheets
DuraTech: Product Catalog
Diocese of Winona: Poster Advertisement
Eagles Cancer Telethon: Print Ads
Elmaro Vineyard: Print Ads
Erbert & Gerberts: Print Ads
Family & Children's Center: Print Ads
Fountain City Ford: Print Ads
Freight House: Print Ads
Gilmore Ave Car Wash: Print Ads
Golden China: Print Ads
HBCI: Newspaper Ads - Door Hanger Artwork
Honda Moterwerks: Print Ads
Hossfeld Manufacturing: Newspaper Ads
HyVee: Print Ads
Kendell Lumber: Newspaper Ads
Knitcraft Corporation: Annual Product Sale Ads
LaCrosse Milling: Outdoor Signage
LaCrosse Technologies: Interactive Video
Main Street Ingredients: Website Design and Maintenance
Markquart Motors: TV Commercial
MediCharge: Logo Enhancement - Website Design and Maintenance
Micheals’ Lighting: Website Design and Maintenance - Interactive CD Rom "Sales Tool" - CD Packaging
NC Wood Products: Product Catalogs - Sales Sheets - Trade Show Displays - T-Shirt Designs
Pampered Pooch: Print Ads
Pickwick Mill: Print Ads
RemoteTech Solutions: Logo Design - Business Card
Restorative Justice: Website Design and Maintenance
Saint Anne of Winona: Print Ads
Sauer Health Care: Print Ads
SCS-AIM Product: Catalog - Business Card - Corporate Folder - Magazine Ads
Sprint - Hawaii: Interactive CD Rom "Tool Kit"
Signatures: Website Design and Maintenance
Steamboat Days 2013: Print Ads
Sugar Loaf Ford: Print Ads
Tomorrow's Fitness: Website Design and Maintenance - Product Packaging
TRW Automotive: Product Brochure - CD Rom Packacking
Technigraph: Website Design and Maintenance - Bottle and Label Artwork
Thomas industries: Website Design and Maintenance - Product Catalog
Tranfusion: Website Design and Maintenance - Post Card Advertisement - Sale Sheets
United Driving: Print Ads
Walz: Billboard Advertisements
WACS: Print Ads
Winona Flood Recovery: Website Design and Maintenance
Community Foundation: Logo Design
Willow Brook: Print Ads
WinCraft: Website Design and Maintenance - Product Catalogs - Brochure - Posters
Winona County Environmental: Print Ads
Winona Massage: Print Ads
Winona Volunteer Services: Print Ads
Woodshed Technologies: Website Design and Maintenance - Business Card and Letterhead Template - Product Posters
Wunderlich Insurance: Website Design and Maintenance
YMCA: Print Ads

Some projects were developed along with other team members.
* (WinCraft - mediawërks - Itechra)

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