Offering creative marketing solutions to solve business problems is what I do best. My customers come to me with a business problem they are struggling with and I partner with them to develop exciting and flexible marketing collaterals that build brand awareness, promote product benefits, enhance the product's professional appearance, and in turn contribute to sustained ROI for their business. Cognizant of the importance of balancing the client's needs and vision with practical and cost-efficient design formats, I strive to develop solutions that are inviting and interesting but also mirror the client's core values & mission.



Bud Baechler
Founder, mediawërks

While owner of mediawërks I had the very good fortune of hiring Corey Scholl to join our team as graphic designer/artist. For the full term of his several years of service Corey not only delivered the highest quality of creative work, always on time, but he did so in a most personable manner.

Steven L. Blue
President & CEO, Miller Felpax Corporation

Corey assisted Miller Felpax Corporation in the development of eight television commercials aimed to bring more awareness to the community. These commercials were produced with the highest level of integrity and creativity. Corey is an intelligent and motivated individual. Everything he worked on with us was at the highest quality.

Stephen T. Bowen
President & CEO, PlastiComp

I have worked with Corey over the last 10 years, or so. We have worked together on many projects, all having a common points of corporate image, graphic design, and advertising message.

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